Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something BIG? EX1-R?

Well folks,
There is something looming. Something big. For the past couple of weeks i've been reading little tid bits of information stating that something big from sony is in the works. I've read things from rumors that the ex1/3 would be discontinued soon. Also, that there might be a new better version in the works called the EX1-R. Who knows what it may be. Maybe it's a new camera with a sensor more along the lines of what the new DSLR's are coming out with. Maybe an EX-1 style camera with interchangeable lenses? Who knows. But everyone says it's going to be big. Sony has an e-mail list that you can sign for to recieve the big news as soon as it's released. You can sign up HERE . The only thing i can assure you of, is that it's coming out the 20th of this month (the information, not the product). All of Sony's promotional materials state "YOU SPOKE! WE LISTENED!". It really sounds promising. I just want a bigger chip, and interchangeable lenses. Basically, something along the lines of the 7d's sensor size for the better latitude, but the ability to do everything a traditional camera can do (ie. good audio, etc). Well, lets just wait and see.

As soon as we know, we'll post everything we've got for you here.

AMENDMENT: This announcement came out long ago. It wasn't that big of a deal. Just wanted to clear that up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adobe Story - Pre-Pro for the Creative Suite

Adobe Story - Adobe's New Screenwriting Software (BETA)
The preview version of this software can be accessed  Here

Today I tried the "preview" version of Adobe Story. This is a new screenwriting software developed to be included in the Adobe Creative Suite. It's pretty basic. However, the version i tried is noted as being the "preview" version, and it's browser based at this point. I'm pretty pleased that Adobe has decided to take a step into the "pre-production" part of the film-making and video process. However, so far it seems a little bit... thin. Initially, i found it a bit hard to navigate. While this may be part of the preview version (which discounts any real serious thoughts about this review as a means of decision making, rendering it only useful as a preview as well), I kept wanting to switch back over to my usual program Celtx (which can be downloaded for free here: ). Celtx just seems a bit more user friendly. The scripting process in story so far doesn't seem as quick. Or as quick to learn at least. I'm sure there are a lot of shortcuts that i haven't picked up on yet. Either way, it's a cool addition to the creative suite. However, i still feel like Celtx is the better tool. With all of it's shortcuts and compatibility. I'm still interested to see how other people like it when the final version comes out.

 This is another view of story's GUI. The all projects view shows you all of your scripts as well as character bios, and other info.

This is  the script editor view. With quick access to other scripts, as well as options to import other types of files etc.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Show Reel

This is our new show reel. Be sure to watch it full screen. Sorry, i'm a stickler for that. It's the only way to watch something.


It doesn't quite encompass everything we do. I would like to keep weddings seperate as well. However, we felt it was a good start. We're already hard at work with a new concept. We want to add more of our client work. We have done a few more projects worth showing off since when we created this reel. Also, on the next time around, we're going to keep the wedding stuff seperate. That way people interested in weddings know what we're about and people who want our other more varied client work (music videos, commercials) can see that seperately. Either way, let us know what you think.

First Post - Exciting things to come!

Hey everyone,
This is NewSpeak's first blog post. We're very excited to start this new leg of our career and get a lot of new things started. We will try to update this as often as possible, however we stay pretty busy and might forget from time to time.

This will be a blog for new clients, past clients, and prospective clients. As well as anyone who just wants to read it. We try our very best to stay on top of the film making community and we'll be posting our findings here. Eventually, we will start posting video updates and vlogs about what we're currently up to. This could be anything from behind the scenes videos, to product and movie reviews. We have a lot of opinions that we feel very strongly about (perhaps too strongly about) when it comes to media production. We hope you will come by every once in a while to see what we're all about.