Monday, October 5, 2009

First Post - Exciting things to come!

Hey everyone,
This is NewSpeak's first blog post. We're very excited to start this new leg of our career and get a lot of new things started. We will try to update this as often as possible, however we stay pretty busy and might forget from time to time.

This will be a blog for new clients, past clients, and prospective clients. As well as anyone who just wants to read it. We try our very best to stay on top of the film making community and we'll be posting our findings here. Eventually, we will start posting video updates and vlogs about what we're currently up to. This could be anything from behind the scenes videos, to product and movie reviews. We have a lot of opinions that we feel very strongly about (perhaps too strongly about) when it comes to media production. We hope you will come by every once in a while to see what we're all about.

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