Monday, October 12, 2009

Adobe Story - Pre-Pro for the Creative Suite

Adobe Story - Adobe's New Screenwriting Software (BETA)
The preview version of this software can be accessed  Here

Today I tried the "preview" version of Adobe Story. This is a new screenwriting software developed to be included in the Adobe Creative Suite. It's pretty basic. However, the version i tried is noted as being the "preview" version, and it's browser based at this point. I'm pretty pleased that Adobe has decided to take a step into the "pre-production" part of the film-making and video process. However, so far it seems a little bit... thin. Initially, i found it a bit hard to navigate. While this may be part of the preview version (which discounts any real serious thoughts about this review as a means of decision making, rendering it only useful as a preview as well), I kept wanting to switch back over to my usual program Celtx (which can be downloaded for free here: ). Celtx just seems a bit more user friendly. The scripting process in story so far doesn't seem as quick. Or as quick to learn at least. I'm sure there are a lot of shortcuts that i haven't picked up on yet. Either way, it's a cool addition to the creative suite. However, i still feel like Celtx is the better tool. With all of it's shortcuts and compatibility. I'm still interested to see how other people like it when the final version comes out.

 This is another view of story's GUI. The all projects view shows you all of your scripts as well as character bios, and other info.

This is  the script editor view. With quick access to other scripts, as well as options to import other types of files etc.

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